Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SLS AMG Electric Drive

SLS AMG Electric Drive

The SLS AMG Electric Drive is an upcoming electric version of the SLS AMG planned for release in June 2013.
The idea of an electric SLS AMG was originally introduced publicly as the SLS AMG E-Cell prototype in 2010. That prototype is drivable and is powered by four electric motors that provide a combined 392 kW (526 hp) and 880 N·m (650 lb·ft). The battery is a 400 V lithium battery with a 48 kWh capacity.

The SLS AMG Electric Drive will be powered by four electric motors with combined ratings of 552 kW (740 hp) and 1,000 N·m (740 lb·ft). Each motor can spin up to 13,000 rpm and weighs 45 kg (99 lb). In addition, the transmission allows each motor to selectively drive all 4 wheels. With this, the SLS AMG Electric Drive accelerates from standing still to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.
The SLS AMG Electric Drive will include a liquid-cooled 400 V lithium-ion battery rated to 60 kWh. The 548 kg (1,210 lb) battery pack is made up of 12 modules, each comprising 72 lithium-ion cells. The system was designed as a collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Ltd.

Source: Wikipedia - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
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