Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jaguar unveils the XJ Ultimate

The ETO (Engineered To Order) division takes regular Jaguars and Range Rovers and turns them in to a luxury cars from out of this world. The XJ Ultimate is one of their first products.

It is based on the long-wheelbase XJ. The body has lightweight aluminium architecture. The engines are two:

  • 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel, EU5 emissions regulations, top speed is electronically restricted to 250 kph (155mph), power 237 hp, torque 600NM, acceleration 0-100kph in 6.4 sec. (0-60mph in 6.0 sec.).
  • 5.0 liter V8 supercharged petrol engine, twin air intakes, variable inlet camshaft phasing, new sixth-generation Eaton supercharger, power 463hp, torque 625NM, acceleration 0-100kph in 4.9sec. (0-60mph in 4.7 sec.).
Pics of the car on cars are awesome facebook page.

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